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OKD Working Group Meeting Notes

May 24, 2022


  • Jaime Magiera (University of Michigan)
  • Bruce Link (BCIT)
  • Timothée Ravier (Red Hat)
  • Neal Gompa (Datto)
  • Diane Mueller (Red Hat)
  • Michael elmiko McCune (Red Hat)
  • Jack Henschel (CERN)
  • Erik Berg (UiO)


  • Agenda Review
  • OKD Release updates (Christian)
    • Question: Operator count? There was a change, we don't know the details
  • FCOS updates (Timothée)
  • Docs updates (Brian, Jaime)
  • Issues
    • Plan for repository transition is being formulated. Please provide feedback.
    • Survey
    • Rook/Ceph status
      • Fix applied upstream, waiting for it to make its way down to us
      • John's Bugzilla still open
  • Discussions
    • Discussion 1231
  • Project Updates
    • CRC
      • New name
      • see at 9:51 in they talk about rebranding code ready workspaces to open shift dev spaces, and at 12:47 they talk about rebranding CEC to Openshift local. (This is dated April 8, 2022)
    • Operate First/Mass Open Cloud
      • Community managed CI/CD for OKD conversation(s) on the Boston University Cloud (MassOpenCloud)
    • CERN OKD on OpenStack
      • invitation to speak to working group on their DIY OKD build process (June 7) & in Dublin at Gathering (June 23?)
      • Jack Henschel (CERN)
  • Tasks
    • Jaime - get 4.10 and 4.11 update info (ongoing)
    • Charro Gruver - gather OKD download stats from or delegate
    • Daniel - Write up guides format into README in guides directory and then file tickets against people who have agreed to update them
    • ~~Create troubleshooting dicsussion thread (Brian)~~ -
    • Find out about serial output for installs
      • manually editing /var/lib/containers/storage/volumes/ironic/_data/html/*.conf on the bootstrap node
      • or directly with kernelArguments for first boot:
    • find out about bare metal IPI install provding RHCOS nodes
    • Find out about DNS changes to support mx (Jaime and Diane)