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CodeReady Containers for OKD

CodeReady Containers brings a minimal, single node OKD 4 cluster to your local computer. This cluster provides a minimal environment for development and testing purposes. CodeReady Containers is mainly targeted at running on developers' laptops and desktops. Note that arm64 OKD payload is not yet available.

Download CodeReady Containers for OKD

Run a developer instance of OKD4 on your local workstation with CodeReady Containers built for OKD - >No Pull Secret Required! The Getting Started Guide explains how to install and use CodeReady Containers.

You can fetch crc binaries without Red Hat subscription here

$ crc config set preset okd
Changes to configuration property 'preset' are only applied when the CRC instance is created.
If you already have a running CRC instance with different preset, then for this configuration change to take effect, delete the CRC instance with 'crc delete', setup it with `crc setup` and start it with 'crc start'.

$ crc config view
- consent-telemetry                     : yes
- preset                                : okd

If you encounter any problems, please open a discussion item in the OKD GitHub Community!

CRC Working group

There is a working group looking at automating the OKD CRC build process. If you want technical details on how to build OKD CRC see the working group section of this site