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End User Community

OKD has an active community of end-users, with many different use-cases. From enterprises, academic institutions or home hobbyists. In addition to the end-user community there is a smaller community of volunteers that contribute to the OKD project by helping other users resolve issues or by participating in one of the OKD working groups to enhance the OKD project.

Code of Conduct

We want the OKD community to be a welcoming community, where everyone is treat with respect, so the link to the code of conduct should be made visible at all events

Red Hat supports the Inclusive Naming Initiative and the OKD project follows the guidelines and recommendations from that project. All contributions to OKD must also follow their guidelines

End-User community

The community of OKD users is a self-supporting community. There is no official support for OKD, all help is community provided.

The Help section provides details on how to get help for any issues you may be experiencing.

We encourage all users to participate in discussions and to help fellow users where they can.

Contributing to OKD

The OKD project has a charter, setting out how the project is run.

If you want to join the team of volunteers working on the OKD project then details of how to become a contributor are set out here.