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OKD Working Group Communications

The working group issues regular communications through several different methods. There are also a few ways to contact the working group depending on the type of communication needed. This page will help you navigate the various communication channels that the working group utilizes.


The working group maintains a mailing list as well as several email addresses.

Mailing List

okd-wg mailing list

The purpose of this list is to discuss, give guidance & enable collaboration on current development efforts for OKD4, Fedora CoreOS (FCOS) & Kubernetes. Please note that the focus of this list is the active development of OKD, and the processes of this community, its is not intended as a forum for reporting bugs or requesting help with operating OKD.

Reporting Addresses

The working group uses several e-mail addresses to receive communications from the community based on the intent of the message.

The chairs address is for messages that are related to the working group and its processes. It is intended for communications that will go directly to the working group chairs and not the wider community.

The security address is intended for any reporting of sensitive or confidential security related bugs and findings about OKD.

The info address is for requesting general information about the working group and its processes.

Social Media

The working group uses social media to broadcast updates about new releases, working group meetings, and community events.




The working group maintains a presence on the Kubernetes community Slack instance in the #openshift-users channel. This channel is a good place to come for OKD-specific help with operations and usage.


The working group maintains several repositories on GitHub in the OKD-Project organization. These repositories contain information and discussions about OKD and the working group's future plans.

okd-project/okd discussions

The okd repository discussions board is a good place to visit for researching or raising specific operational issues with OKD.

okd-project/planning project board

The planning repository contains a kanban board which records the current state of the working group and its related projects.