Recap OKD Testing and Deployment Workshop - Videos and Additional Resources

Mar 22, 2021

The OKD Working Group held a virtual community-hosted workshop on testing and deploying OKD4 on March 20th

On March 20th, OKD-Working Group hosted a day-long event to bring together people from the OKD and related Open Source project communities to collaborate on testing and documentation of the OKD 4 install and upgrade processes for the various platforms that people are deploying OKD 4 on as well to identify any issues with the current documentation for these processes and triage them together.

The day started with all attendees together in the ‘main stage’ area for 2 hours where community members gave an short welome along with the following four presentations:

What is OKD4 (with a Release Update) - by Charro Gruver (Red Hat)

Walk Thru of the OKD Release and Build Processes - Vadim Rutkovsky (Red Hat)

Walk Thru of the OKD Deployment and Configuration Guides - Jaimie Magiera (UMich)

Best Practices such as DNS/DHCP server and Load Balancer Configuration) - Josef Meier (Rohde and Schwarz)

Then attendees then broke into track sessions specific to the deployment target platforms for deep dive demos with live Q/A, answered as maany questions as possible about that specific deployment target’s configurations, attempted to identify any missing pieces in the documentation and triage the documenation as we went along.

The 4 track break-out rooms set-up for 2.5 hours of deployment walk thrus and Q/A with session leads:

Automated Installation on vSphere UPI - lead by Jaime Magiera (UMich) and Josef Meier (Rohde & Schwarz)

Bare Metal/UPI - lead by Andrew Sullivan (Red Hat) and Jason Pittman (Red Hat)

Single Node Cluster - lead by Charro Gruver (Red Hat) and Bruce Link (BCIT)

Home Lab Setup - lead by Craig Robinson (Red Hat), Sri Ramanujam (Datto) and Vadim Rutkovsky(Red Hat)

Our goal was to triage our exisiting community documentation, identify any short comings and encourage your participation in the OKD-Working Group’s testing of the installation and upgrade processes for each OKD release.


Link to Playlist

OKD Workshop Slides - Charro Gruver

DNS DHCP Load Balancer Diagram - Josef Meier